94th Giro d’Italia, Stage 7 profile

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Apr 24 2011

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Stage 7, Friday, May 13: Maddaloni – Montevergine di Mercogliano, 110 (high mountain)

Route (giant image)

The climb to Montevegine di Mercogliano is not severe, and if the pattern of recent years holds, there will be no big gaps among the top finishers today.

Di Luca won here in 2007, with Riccò and Cunego finishing in the same time. In 2004, it was Cunego over McGee and Pellizotti (same time) and in 2001, Di Luca beat Garzelli and Simoni (same time). In all three years, other riders were also in the same time as the winner, or within a whisker.

Update, May 13: True to form, victory at Montevergine di Mercogliano was squeaked out by a narrow margin. Today, Omega Pharma-Lotto’s neo-pro Bart De Clercq sustained a late attack and managed to stay ahead by a fraction for the win. Scarponi, Kreuziger, Garzelli, Nibali, Purito Rodriquez, Rujano, Cataldo, Alberto Contador, and Le Mevel filled out the top ten on the stage, all in the same time as De Clercq.

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