94th Giro d’Italia, Stage 4 map

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Apr 24 2011

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Stage 4, Tuesday, May 10: Genova Quarto dei Mille – Livorno, 216 km (medium mountain)

Route (giant image)

Livorno’s Roberto Luti

Blues slide guitarist and busker par excellence Roberto Luti is a native of Livorno, today’s finish city.

Luti was a street musician in Italy before finding his way to New Orleans, where he teamed up with Washboard Chaz and Ben Maygarden (harmonica) to form the Washboard Chaz Blues trio.

A wonderfully sensitive and skilled performer who has chosen the alternate lifestyle of busker, Luti’s artistry was acclaimed by a wider public when he took on an important role in Playing For Change, the global recording project to promote world peace.

See and hear Roberto Luti’s amazing rendition of Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was the Night,” performed on the shores of Livorno [click]

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