Castilla y León, Stage 4 (ITT) profile

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Apr 12 2011

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Stage 4, April 16: Zamora – Zamora (ITT), 11.2 km
(Plaza de Santa Lucia – Plaza de la Catedral)

Alberto Contador will leave the start gate at 16:11 (9:11 CDT). He’ll be the 85th of 110 riders scheduled to start.

First rider leaves at 14:47 (7:47 a.m. CDT)
Approximate arrival time is 15:00
Average duration of  ride: around 14’
Last rider leaves at 16:46
Last rider arrives around 17:00 (10:00 CDT)

Riders will leave at 1-minute intervals until the last ten, then 2-minute intervals

Calculations are based on 110 riders at an average of 48 km/hr

← Stage 4 map ◊ Stage 5 →

(See blogroll for official race website)


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